Author Topic:   A new Facet to DMF
=DNX= Matrix
posted November 07, 2001 08:31 AM            
Ive added support now for battlezone in a bid to get it rolling more.... feel free to keep up with events there as things progress.

Kong, ive added TREADMAPS to the community section of the TM page - nice site.

Ive kept the main counter on the front page but reset counters on each menu page, ive reset the guestbooks too.

Hehe may become a competition to see which game's players is the most interactive lol.

On the clanpage - clans will be listed with TM or BZ or both next to them showing what they play - im going to remove personal flags too - they serve no logical purpose.

Ill also be setting up some ladders when i find a good way of doing it. I think we can call the existing ladder a failure (thx to DNX-superunknown and the guys for giving it a go). A better ladder system will be in place shortly.

well lots of info there.... drop in take a look