Author Topic:   DDM - 11/04 AT 8:00 PM EST
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In lieu of weatherman's puter going on hiatus for a bit (like computer like owner? ) I have a PC setup for the DDM tonite. It's a Pentium 4 on a T-1 line. A T-1 runs at 1.54Mbs for you non techies. Where I work nobody uses the T-1 on weekends - so it's usually wide open. I think WM has a T-3 which is 45Mbs.

Last night there were some "lockups" every 10-15 minutes or so for a few seconds. Dunno what's up with that. I've done DDM before and once we limited it to 20 tanks it has worked fine in the past.

Coax was indicating that he was laggy last night also. So I offer no guarantees boys!

The other problem is that I will either be there or driving to Chicago and my hotel room only has dial-up. EEEK! I haven't done dialup in 3 years! So I don't know when I'll be able to connect to see how it's going. If there are problems send me an e-mail to karl@karllois.com. That way I can check the logs, etc.

Welcome new users! DDM - deadliest death match. it's a 3 game 30 minute/30 frag fest match with 20 people. ENJOY!


1) 20 tank limit
2) 30 minute/30 frag limit
3) DNX=TIGGS is not very good
4) remember to avoid frag killing. can't do much if you spawn into 10 tanks but if it's just you and someone else give each other 5 seconds and don't kill spawn either - that's where the other guy doesn't kill you on the spawn but you grab a weapon and nail them right away.
5) team damanage on
6) DNX=TIGGS is not very good
7) 6 teams are setup
6) specific DM maps that WM usually has
7) DNX=TIGGS is not very good


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Okay we got all of that. But how good is DNX Tiggs?

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=DNX= Matrix
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try gettin nr him nd you'll find out !

ps: despite rumour. =DNX= Tiggs will kick your boney butt


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I might join it...never really liked crouded servers though...

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Don't forget...those that stick around for the 4th game will be playing for the DMF ladder