Author Topic:   Interaction with DMF
=DNX= Matrix
posted October 11, 2001 08:56 PM            
1. Displayed Art:

I have opened up thet area top right of the DMF site for your pics... if you have a gorge pic of sumthin TM related, a render - some art, drawn work - whatever.... scan and send it in...... be great to let the world see it.

2. Reviewers Needed:

All you have to do is choose a MOD you want to review. Beat the MOD and write the review!

And don't forget to submit it to DMF!

Please have 500 word mini.
Use a 5 star (*****) rating system. * Worst | ***** Best
Include screenshots if you wish.
Write the review in Wordpad/Notepad format so I can open the file.

Where ever you want the image to appear in the review place something like IMAGE #5 GOES HERE.

Title of MOD and Title of Review.
Author name and eMail.

If you plan to write a review just post here that you are considering doing it.

Thank-you in advance. This is a huge help and will further encourge downloading of these MODS / MAPS.

3. Competitions:

If the above 2 are successful i plan to create a competition (bi monthly) if youre interested - reply to this post.

4. Newscaster:

Got news, announcement - spotted a thread you think should be brought to peoples attention - got a story of a great battle or bragging rights ?

Write it up - send it in !

thx guys.........