Author Topic:   CTF and can't pick up the flag???
posted October 11, 2001 06:33 PM            
have you ever been playing on a server or single player and been on a CTF map and NOT been able to pick up the flag? i have before and was briefly confused by it, but never bothered to look into the problem to see what was going on.

earlier today i was playing on a CTF map and everything was going fine (Kongs Kronos map, quite cool). but the match got over too quickly (max frag count set too low). so next game i increased the frag count and turned off team scoring so it would take even longer to get to that max frag number.

on that next game it was no longer CTF, it was just a DM game, and i couldnt pick up the flag... didnt take me too long to figure out what happened.

so the moral of the story? apparently to play a CTF game you must have team scoring turned on. otherwise its just a normal DM.

dont know if this is a glitch in TM or if its set that way on purpose or what. but it does allow you to play a DM game on a CTF map.

so in case u didnt know, there ya go .

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Rex R
posted October 11, 2001 08:08 PM            
you also need number of teams set to more than one to enable ctf play


=DNX= Matrix
posted October 11, 2001 08:47 PM            
what defines a ctf map - i mean i can make the map design n all but how do u place the flags - what do u set - how do u set it up as a ctf ?

this has me a little confused...


posted October 12, 2001 04:54 AM         
Another question that should be asked in the TMapper forum of the BWL BBS...