Author Topic:   Can we have a CTF or modded server for next sunday?
posted October 01, 2001 10:22 PM            
I miss playing CFT online with a huge group going after one thing. Maybe we could do this:

Sunday: DDM
Monday: Free day (nothing special)
Tuesday: Free day
Wednesday: CTFT (Capture The Flag Tournament)
Thursday: 2vs2
Friday: Free day
Saturday: Spur of the moment type of thing

I would really like next weeks DDM to have mods (like mine).



posted October 01, 2001 11:17 PM            
As, uhhh, "elected" ( ) DDM scheduler dude this coming sunday is DDM CTF. So you are right on track.

The DDM CTF is strictly whomever gets on what team. No clan CTF.

sunday ddm rotation is/was:

regular ddm
regular ddm
clan ddm
regular ddm
race? (this wasn't popular - try again or replace with clan ctf?)

Not sure how many posts back you've read but DDM's are strictly stock weapons so no mods in any matches. If you want mods then try to schedule something on WEDS?

Speaking of clan CTF, do we want to do this some sunday/DDM day? make it 3 team - lwa, dnx and bwl? forgot what the weds night thing was so forgive me if i'm repeating. or ranting.

Post comments in this forum. about my question - not my raning.


The Weatherman
posted October 02, 2001 06:33 PM         
Hi Neoki,
I would love to have an "official modded" DDM. people are not really opposed tho the idea but there are some stipulations:
1. Server side mods are almost required. These are everyone welcome events so SSO is the way to go.

2. The mods must be balanced. Let me say straight up that your bazook and zyon cannon mods are NOT balanced. They ARE fun as hell, tho. I have already taken some of the edge off of them in the poppin fresh.

3. There needs to be some sort of consensus on what mods to run. I tried to get this going before but I never though I had enough imput to go ahead with it and right now I don't have the time to get this going. If someone wants to make up a poll or survey or something and cobble the pack together that would be grand. I would start by making a list of the SSO weapons and crossing off the unfun or unbalanced ones and then add in clear non-sso favorites to consider converting to SSO. If this was done, i would cheerfully host the pack on a non-official Saturday DDM. From there it could enter the regular rotation if enough people like it.

As to CTF this Sunday, sounds good. Same setup as last time? 20 body limit? I wish we could play RC's Pyramids... maybe for a Wednesday DDM. I voulunteer to host unless someone else wants to.


posted October 02, 2001 09:59 PM            
I'm still outta commission for hosting for about 3-4 weeks. Even then I'm not sure what's going to be avail on the system. Need to get it done first!



posted October 03, 2001 01:37 AM            
hey guys, if you want i can take about any weapon you want to have included in a modded DDM server that is NOT an SSO mod and make it into an SSO weapon for ya.

there are a few exceptions like the shockwave that cant be made SSO because it relies directly on a custom mesh (well ok, it COULD, but would be more effort than i want to do, hehe). and tanks of course cant really be made SSO well. hmm... nothing else comes to mind... even the tornado can easily be made SSO, it was originally in the first place, im the one who made it non-SSO .

no guarentee that ill remember to check this thread (since i still cant play online and dont always read the DDM related posts). so someone appoint themselves as "he who will organize this". meaning a poll or whatever to decide which non-SSO weapons to convert. then email the list of weapons to convert to me and ill get em done up. j_vortex@yahoo.com

i may not be able to make it to a DDM to frag ya'all, but i can at least make the weapons of destruction to frag each other with!!!, hehehe. im there in spirit at least!

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