Author Topic:   Clear the air.
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posted September 26, 2001 11:37 PM            
1. i am NOT anti bwl, i have many good friends in bwl.

2. nothing has changed between me and jv or dreamer.

3. im under emmence stresses outside of tm/online stuff.

4. i snapped plain n simple.

5. i got the email from dreamer and the icq from jv at the sime time as i was loding up the bwl page - OUCH on timing.

6. Theres no fall out, i was jusst pissed... dreamer was attempting humour at my darkside star was skit. Went straight over my head and i took it as insult.

7. im not leaving this community, but i am also going to rejoin the bz community - been away from friends there far too long.

8. im taking a break from the bz mod because ive run out of inspiration, it feels lacking in something - cant put my finger on it - so im taking a week out and hopefully come back at it all fresh faced and with new ideas.

9. the clansite has been neglected due to pressures none of you are aware of - so im taking the time to catch up with all that too.

10. the culture differences beween uk, usa and germany are quite varied and i must remember to bear that in mind when reading dreamers posts - so often i take offence when its quite clearly not meant as such.

11. lastly, take whatever i say with a pinch of salt when i go all negative - im pretty down in the dumps right now for various reasons; and when i am i tend to snap at anything that looks abusive, invasive or downright rude... remember as a clan leader i also have to stick up for my members, and the 2 dont mix very well.

hope this clears up a few things.... and dont forget the all persons tm chat in the dmf chatroom - 8pm EST folks be there or be like me... ill try to get some bz bods along too about time you guys met up.



posted September 27, 2001 02:08 AM            
With that said,BWL vs DNX in a clan war.It's been a long time coming anyway.Lets get a vote on what night and time to have it.coax wants to be involved so he'll be a honorary DNX member for that battle Let's get the ball rolling.I remember the last time I challenge BWL,it never got off the ground.
I say have it Wednesday night at 8EST.Wednesdat is in the middle of the week and I'm sure all of u guys will be saying different times and days ro play.That gives you a week in advance to try and leave a hour or two window open that night.

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