Author Topic:   Question for all!
posted September 11, 2001 08:58 PM            
Hi guys, sorry but another litttle problem concerning the mosquito, kangaroo, EMF and the plasma pulsar weapons. I get a visual on what they look like when you pick them up but for some reason they do not work. They only count down to zero but all is quiet on the front. Any tips are always appreciated! Thanks


posted September 12, 2001 12:52 AM            
the short answer is to make sure that the propper projectiles are residintg in your projectiles folder. check the weapon ent file to make sure its calling the right projectiles and vise versa.

you may or may not know what i mean.

if you dont know what i mean then the best solution is to find a different site to download the weapon mods from and then install the new ones over your current ones. as far as i know those weapons on my site work propperly if you want to get them from there (see the link in my signature line). if the problem files were from my site then please let me know!!!!

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