Author Topic:   The NEA, change of name and actions!!!
posted September 08, 2001 12:28 AM            
I am now changing the name of my clan, nitro embassy of annilation to neon embassy of annilation. Also, please join my clan. I made a website just for it and mods. I didn't even do that for DBZ and I almost love it more then TM. I mean DBZ got me into learning japanese and thinking about other cultures. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JOIN MY CLAN!!! Thats right i'm begging you. Matrix told me that I was welcome to join DNX, and I love that clan but I told him that I was going to stay with my clan and work on it. There are so many great players out there that I would love to join my clan (at this time I can recall soem but don't know how to spell their names). There are so many things that I will gaurantee if you join my clan, totle coverage, that means that if you need help just type hlp, and me or a teammate is comming, team first then me.
This means alot to me, you see; this is the first real thing that i'v been into since well.......DBZ but thats a longggggggggg story, really-I mean you will need a phone for that story. But TM means alot to me and thats why I want to make this clan work.

If you are considering joining my clan give me a buzz at Shiroi-Genki@excite.org

P.S. this is not mandatory, you don't have to join my clan but I would really appreciate it.