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How do I add a new mod weapon to my server? I just want to add 1 or 2, and remove a couple, to make it more of an "aimers" game and less guidance and no "fire & forget".

This community needs more regular TM and less crazy weapons and maps. I want to help by tweaking my server to be "regular vanilla treadmarks" with just maybe a couple *balanced* weapons added.

my thoughts:
I would like to modify my server to reduce the nukes, cruise missiles, chaos, and maybe even the wasps. This will make it a medium / short range "you gotta have good aim" game. Not everybody has good aim and so may not like the idea, but on the other hand those of us who can aim (I'm only fair) won't be blown up by a no-skill weapon right when our mass driver is *almost* lined up perfect and the final shot is just a second away...

I would add to the server the new weapon mods that fit this idea (the rust bomb, particle cannons, etc) and exclude those that frustrate me so much. I mean I HATE it on the heavily modded servers where all the new weapons kill without skill. Sometimes you get killed three times before even driving to your first enemy.

Let me qualify my rantings by pointing out that I still don't even know what all those mod weapons do. Sometimes I get one, shoot it, get 2 or 3 kills and I don't even know what happened. So if the prevailing mood is in favor of lotsa cool firepower, then maybe I just need more "time under the turret" learning.

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Wellllllll, the only way that I know that you can make it so that things like CMs,nukes, and other things like those is to change there weight, I'm sure that you know about changing your ent. files into readme, so just change the weight to lets say 5lbs the more they weight the more they show up in games.



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go to JVortex BZ site, I believe you want to read the EEK file first and then dload the mod program. or you could just do it the old fashioned way.


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im glad the "rusty bomb" is included on your list of good ones . i think thats still one of my favorites that i did.

to remove a weapon from play edit the main weapon ent file. they will be located in either AddOns/Entities/Weapon for add on weaponry or in Entities/Weapon for stock ones. to remove the weapon in question find the line in the ent file that says "Weight" (like NeoKi said) and drop it to zero.

to make a weapon appear less just drop its weight. think of it as:
120 = above average chance of showing
100 = being common/ average.
60 = Rare
40 = Very rare
5 = almost never shows up.
0 = weapon will not spawn

of course any number in between there from 1 to 900 (or whatever) will work as well, but those are the numbers that are commonly used (up to 100 anyhow).

if you want to you can also modify a weapons damage settings in its projectile file under damage. 1.0 is kill a tank for 100% of its health (with armor being a variable there) and 0.5 = bash a tank for 1/2 its health, 0.1 = 10% of its health and so on.

what i would suggest doing before modifying any stock files is to make a copy of the file you wish to alter and place it in your addons folder in the same place then alter that one. "same place" meaning if the original file was in Entities/Weapon then the copy should be placed in AddOns/Entities/Weapon and so on.

TM will use any files it finds within the addons folder in preference to those in its main directories (kind of think of the addons folder as a master folder). so if you copy Cruise.ent into the addons/entities/weapon folder then TM will use your modified Cruise.ent in the addons folder INSTEAD of the Cruise.ent in the stock folders.

this way you avoid making bad mistakes that screw up your install of the game. you can leave all your stock files alone and just play in the addons folder. if u make any mistakes and something isnt working right its no big deal since youll still have all your originals .

hope this makes sense to ya. if i made something unclear (which i tend to do) just ask away .

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Can't speak to the technical stuff (I'm A+ certified and wouldn't dare apply for any sort of related job... so what does that tell you about A+ certification... but I digress).

But, I do like what you're saying Throck. Just tonight I was in first place and near last during various rounds of a heavily modded server. Too much luck involved (thought it sure as heck was fun when the luck went my way). On standard servers my ranking is much more consistent and depends more on who I'm playing against than anything else (certain players can really deflate the ego... sheesh!).

If you can do this thing and get people to go to it then I'm there!


The Weatherman
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Hehe, the pendulum swings...
You should contact Skandranon about his "classic" server. He uses the ents from the TM 1.0x that are un- or low guidance. He also had a really cool Balanced? server setup using toned down mods. He could certainly advise you on toneing down servers if not share his ents outright.

I have always appreciated his ideas on balance even if I have not followed them in recent server setups. Really there should be both balanced and over the top servers available to cater to the tastes of players.

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Heh - well Neon is certainly "over the top".
I was laughing my arse off! Three loads of "CHAOS" per pickup - yeesh! ;P
I can understand how that isn't to everybody's taste tho.