Author Topic:   Am I good or Just lucky?
posted August 30, 2001 08:05 PM            
Hello folks, and welcome to another episode, of Am I good or just plain lucky, With your host, NEOKI. Today something real cool happened, well you see, after I respawned and landed on a plasma gun which only had one ammo, I decided to waste it and find another weapon, so I shot it off in the middle of noware and what happens. Well the next thing I knw it shows on the screen that iI just fragged someone. Isn't that cool, and I wasn't even looking. But wait theres more, I found some idiot AI wasting my Bazooka ammo trying to hit me, so finally after he killed himself, (and by the way do not fire the bazooka an a shallow hole) I decided to find some one to waste, and it happend, in a distance I could someone trying to get out of a hole so I waited and waited until finally he showed his nasty tank face and without a second thought I fired the Bazooka, next thing I know he was fragged, and get this he must have been at least 750ft away, or for you people that like meters better, 227.3 meters away. Cool huh. Now tell me your good or lucky TM moments.