Author Topic:   Have you seen this? Clan Sites
The Weatherman
posted August 30, 2001 02:04 PM         
Not to give props to the Dastardly DNX clan, but I must comment that this site is looking sharp. It has many useful downloads including the flag pack - a must have for servers. Don't you have a job or something, Rixy ?

The only other clan site is by the indomitable and all around superior BWL ( http://www.treadmarks.de ). It is under construction but the TM programs hosted there and pending are second to none . We also have a killer BBS and smell better than any of the other clans .

Looking forward to seeing what LWA and THC will have up. It is all good for the community. RC, any plans on reanimating TC?


posted August 30, 2001 03:18 PM            
since LWA is not a clan, why would we have a clan website? Although i do have this neifty site.

LDA Players, Information, and etc...


posted August 30, 2001 03:56 PM            
Yeah, those DNX'ers need something to do since they can't play TM very well.


J/K guys!

Coax, you gonna update the ddm battle rank page thingy?

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posted August 30, 2001 05:20 PM         
Don't forget that the DMF also has the TM ladder up! It is not a DNX only site but for all of us that play. Think we could get some 1vs1 or clan vs clan even some racing servers up for the ladder? Not this weekend but next weekend. I was planing on trying to get something up that weekend. All are welcome and the more servers we have that day the better. So what ya's think. I would personaly love to play you guys 1vs1. If ya need more info please email me or post on the dmf forum.


=DNX= Matrix
posted August 30, 2001 09:43 PM            
WM, i was forced to go self employed to work from home - i have to look after my dad following a major brain haemorage in june last year.

So i sort of do and dont have a job - i made: www.2driveit.com (under refurbishment) and www.butlerinstallations.com among others.

mostly i do graphic design, everything from morphing to photo repair, corporate logo making etc and audio engineering. theres loads more, but there the most requested - must admit though when i get a request for private home photography i get quite a buzz not always a family portrait ya know hehehe.

Nem, i recon we will never see these guys on the ladder - i think theyre too scared