Author Topic:   The new way to play multiplayer!!!
posted August 28, 2001 03:37 PM            
I was think about the many people who have the same type of internet connection as I do. by the way if you don't know wht way i'm talking about go to, /forums/archive/ubb/Forum2/HTML/001280.html

Ya see unless I did somthing real crazy that COULD mess up my dad's, mom's, and my connection to the internet, that would allow me to become a dedicated sever, I rather do this, also i'm not ready to die. You have probably heard of napster and audiogalaxy which is what I use, to get music. Well they are two programs that work the same way. Instead of using an IP address to connect computers for music swaping, they use the software that you download to connect with other computers. Well I thought that would be a good Idea for TM. That way people with my sort of internet connection could become a sever. Plus, we could swap game files like napster swaps music. This means that I could send someone a 20mb mod of course with his or her permission and a code that only last for a day and they could be playing me at the same time. Well, it sounded good to me.



posted August 28, 2001 04:09 PM         
you may already be able to "host" a game without starting a server: if you know someone's IP address & they are online & playing a single-player game, you should be able to connect to their game by typing in their IP address in TreadMarks. neat, huh?

might not work for everybody (firewalls, etc.), but i heard it does work.

<EDIT> p.s. as far as LDA incorporating the type of connections that you mention above, it sounds neat, but would probably be too much trouble & time to code such things into the game - especially when you can accomplish many of the same tasks by other means...

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