Author Topic:   Would you use my mod?
posted August 23, 2001 11:07 PM            
You see, unfortunately I am unable to launch my own sever. Donít ask why, just go to the Topic: Canít get any Pings Message. Anyway, I was wondering if someone would be so kind to use my game pack on there severs. Itís easy, just copy your: weapons which are in your main TM directory, projectiles which are in your main TM directory, your Arts/textures; same, then copy the maps folder and the RaceTank folder. Copy your addon folder. Then put these folders in some other folder, I made one and called it the Tank X folder. Once you have done this, use my folders to overwrite the old ones. If you donít like the my settings, just use your old folders to replace mine. Itís that simple.

To get my folders, just email me at neokigt@neo-tokyo.org, cool email huh?

The reason I would like someone to do this, is so that that I can play with my own settings on a sever, and so that people can enjoy my cool settings and cool Tanks. Thanx!!!

P.S. I'f you would like to just have some cool Tank skins just email me and I will send it to you.


The Weatherman
posted August 24, 2001 12:36 AM         
you should be able to make a mod pack by copying your files to a single addon folder. Inside that folder should be subfolders like art, entities, etc, just like in your root TM directory. Put your modified files in the appropriate addon subfolder and they will automatically take precedence over stock files in the regualr directory. This is so that you can mod to your hearts content without the danger of messing up your stock files.

I would like to help you out , but my server has been committed to other projects for a few weeks. How about you email me your dedicated.cfg file and I can check it over.
Good to see your enthusiasm, its catching

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posted August 24, 2001 03:09 AM            
id like to see any replacement skins you have for stock tanks. i have a few up on my site and have been hounding for a while for someone to make some more. if you would please zip up the skins you have and ship em off to me at j_vortex@yahoo.com and ill see about posting them up on my site. cool and thanks!

good to see a new modder wander into the ranks!!!

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posted August 24, 2001 09:05 AM            

You can use a freeware tool called ENTegrety for Tread Marks that will assist you in validating and creating an archive (zip) file for easy distribution. Welcome aboard!

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