Author Topic:   In game Music
posted August 21, 2001 05:08 PM            
is there a cgf file i can edit so thatit can look at an other folder to play mp3s. Or do I have to do it manually


posted August 21, 2001 05:53 PM            
there is a way to do it. this question was asked a little while back and i was happy to get the answer .

to make TM look to a different directory on your hard drive for music to play in-game do the following:
1) make a new file (text file) called "dirs.cfg" in your root folder.
2) open and edit that dirs.cfg file and add in a single line. type in the directory path to the folder w/ your tunes in it in the following format:
C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Jasons Crap\Music

thats it.

there is however 1 catch to it. the final folder that contains your tunes MUST be called "Music" for this to work. my folder was originally called MP3's and TM didnt like it any. so i had to rename folder to Music and then go and re-tell my MP3 progs where to find the tunes at. no big hastle really, just kind of annoying.

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