Author Topic:   Request for meeting this Saturday
posted August 06, 2001 12:19 PM            
Okay, as any who have read the announcement and transcripts for saturday's meeting know, it was a very low turnout. I am hoping to have another such meeting this coming saturday so any contending feelings to the current active conclave members judgements can be aired. Also there is a large amount of information that did not get discussed.

Once again, this will NOT be a modders only thing. Yes, a number of modder related things will be discussed, but without the input of YOU the PLAYERS, all the discussions that we have will only affect HOW mods are constructed and distributed, with no input at all regarding things you would like to see made or modified.

I really would like to a larger turnout this time around.

I know for a fact that if Jim has the time and no emergencies crop up for him, he will most likely try to attend.(Hope you can confirm one way or another Jim, thanks).

This will be meeting #2, but don't expect to need a meeting #3 until next month.
Also, what is everyone's feelings regarding times it should be held, how frequently meetings like this should be held and a preferred venue(chat method) for these activities.

Thanks for your time friends.


Shannon Bentley
AKA =MM=LordDrow


posted August 06, 2001 04:45 PM            
Sorry, I'll be camping this weekend.

I think frequency - monthly.

When? tue, thursday or sunday evenings works for me. Mrs. Paranor has limited my computer nights. Fri & Sat are family times so doing it on a saturday would be hard pressed for me.

Venue? doesn't matter to me.

[BWL] Paranor
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posted August 06, 2001 06:25 PM            
good use of psuedonymns... but of all places posting your Social Security No. here is by far the safest

Anyhoo I wasn't registered yet and so when I was it was too late... But I'm ready now, if only I can steal away on Saturday again (I'm pretty good at it, so it's prolly going to happen unless the computer is stolen or I put too many nukes in the air while playing Single on TM..... ). Then you'll have PLENTY to talk about... mwahahahahahahahahah... err ummm, yeah