Author Topic:   New Look DMF
=DNX= Matrix
posted July 28, 2001 11:02 PM            
Should be go for a 1st August release. Ive added a new forum and a much better, more professional interface with easier navigation.

ps: there are new pix of the battlezone 3 od progress on the dmf mods page at the moment - you may wanna check em out. !

and constructive crit is fine.

ps: to maintain a feel of the original bz1 - iv uppsed the map gravity to -23 so standard tanks wont work very well at all - but the bz tanks work a dream, no more floating around.

top tip : goto 1.6.1, run my full game mod as a different game. - copy the main tm folder and mod the copy - it works fine.

i still need more bz tanks and sounds along with lorddrows bz weapons pack. b4 i can release a beta.


oh jim, thx 4 the chatroom - it will really help bring the ppl in - trust me on this



posted July 29, 2001 08:46 AM            
and I am working madly on those mods too. }:-) Wanted to have some working prototypes for this weekend, but haven't gotten the bugs and looks worked out just yet. So used to the stock peashooter that getting damage right for it to seem like the original is tough. }:-)



=DNX= Matrix
posted July 29, 2001 09:20 PM            
dip into the bz2 weapons if u get stuck - im at a loss right now cos im having problems with 2 bz2 tank skins and getting the bz 1 tanks to work properly in tm

still plugging away tho.