Author Topic:   {M}{M} Update
posted July 18, 2001 01:10 PM            
Okay folks, the Mod Monkeys are off the ground, but just barely. We are now up to two members officially. Oli2808 and I are currently the only members of the group. I am working feverishly on both my upcoming tanks and the MM web pages, but RL has thrown so damned many curves at me lately that it isn't funny.
About the website: I am having various problems getting them exactly how I want them to look. There is a theme possibility here that I am working towards, yet seeming to fail miserably. Discouraging? Yes. Badly enough discouraging for me to give up? Never.

About my upcoming tank mods: Won't give it all away, but this is just a bit of a teaser to get some of you, the peoples feelings about some of my ideas. I have a large number of projects already in the works, haven't had time to render any beauty shots yet to add to my website yet though(plus I am not ready to let the cat completely out of the bag). Superheavies: These bad boys are a pair of nasties. Great big guns, lots of armor, but the don't go very fast at all. Additionally, although they will have basically one shot, one kill weapons, they will not be anything like what you are used to seeing. Tall, wide and very beefy looking, these suckers will be the lords of the battlefield, unless they get too close to the fight. Then they had better have some support tanks floating around to cover they're butts, or else they will be meat for a combined attack by one or more smaller tanks. Ya see, these tanks may be real rude, but only at a distance, players using these tanks had better know how to range their target and stay way from the close and dirty fights, or else they will die. These tanks are meant specifically for team play. One guy takes the real nasty, hopefully at least one or two others will hang around close enough to defend their buddy. Could even be the beginning of a new capture the base/command tank type of game. Send me mail or a comment here on what you think of this idea. Should I finish it out(probably will at least for my own enjoyment whether you guys like the idea or not)

Anywho, I will try to keep some updates coming and let you all know what is kinda up my sleeves, but I can't let all the secrets out or I will have no suprises for you, the players. You are the real reason behind me suddenly and so vehemently becoming involved in the TM community. I thought I was just about the only real owner of this game, figured I had bought into a great game just to be allowed to watch it and its father company fall into disfavour and ridicule. Seeing all of you, finding all the neat toys this community has developed. This is the stuff that makes it all worthwhile as well as being the kinds of things that legends are made of.

Jim: If you do happen to read this, I just wanted you to know that you really need to get more involved in these message boards again! Let us know you are really listening and seeing what we are discussing and doing.

Thanks for listening to this insane babble folks!



posted July 20, 2001 03:59 PM            
Thanks for listening? No prob. Insane Babble... I REALLY need to post here more before you have any right to make, comprehension of, or ability to judge insanity on this website. Hey, btw. I need to be updated here, what happened to Hawk and Kaeto? They are ABSOLUTELY necessary here!!!!!