Author Topic:   New TM squad startup
posted July 14, 2001 08:08 PM            
Greets everyone, I will be starting a new squad as a subsidiary to DNX, {M}{M} aka - Mod Monkeys. This squad will be for the betterment of all our communities. Though I am primarily a TreadMarks player/modder, I will be getting involved in modding on a few different game engines.
The main requirements for this squad will be an interest in actually playing the games we mod, and making the mods.
To actually make a position on the squad, I will be looking for an actual, released mod and a desire to be involved in making and playing some of the best mods on the net.
Well since it looks like I have a job to do now, will be working up a home-page for the Monkeys. Will be a peripheral page to my own as soon as I get it up, eventually to be moved to the fore, pushing my personal page back.
Mod Monkeys will be a squad based around those of us in the community that are the modders. We will be participating in standard Clan DNX functions, as well as having some fun of our own.
Though it has been many years, so you all know, I have several years experience being part of (NWH) (Northwind Highlanders, a Mechwarrior 2 mercenary clan), and involved in the promotion of the Clan.
We will not be an actual clan as such, but an affiliated team to Clan DNX. If at a later date, the Squad feels we need to take up the flag of a full clan, that can be discussed, but I want it known up-front that we will NEVER forget our roots, one way or the other.

I need a few voluteers with experience modding AND are willing to take time out from modding to actually play.
Each member MUST be willing to really be involved. This squad wiil be expected to be involved, especially when it comes to actually playing.
I will try to start getting a practice schedule put together for us to get together. Practice will be a weekly mandatory function, with of course room for properly arranged or explained absences.
Additionally, I will try to be arranging the start and support of a regular schedule of events to both promote and enlarge support for the games we choose to play and mod.
Also, someone to help me research and communicate with LDA and any other developers we are interested in working with would be of great help.

Thanks for your time and attention!