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Yeah,its me again. new ? When you download , lets say a weapon. why does it show up on desktop and not to the TM root directory! All i know it does is go to its file when you click on it. Thanks!

Thanks guys! I'm try them out. I'll get back to ya.

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This is suppose to be how it works.

1. download zip to desktop

2. extract zip to the TM root directory yourself.

3. The end.

If your a computer newbie and need more info then that let us know.

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posted July 12, 2001 12:40 AM         
I guess one reason that self extracting mod packs have not become popular is that many people have multiple installs of TM and the desired directory may not be the default. What you should do is open the folder on you desktop and see if there is a folder named Addons in it. If so, just drag that folder (addons) into your TM directory. To add later mods you can just extract mod pack to your directory and (usually) let them overwrite your current Addons folder.

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heres the step by step that i do (this will also work with all mods downloaded from my site).

1) download to desktop (or wherever)
2) right click the downloaded zip file
3) select the zip option labeled "Extract to..."
4) in the following window use the folder tree to navigate to your TM root directory (normally "Tread Marks 1.5")
5) then hit extract button.

this will place the mod into the addons folder all by itself.

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My $0.02 (as per HowToUnzip.txt from ENTegrety):

To UnZip a Tread Marks mod:

0. Download to wherever, and then double-click the zip file.

1. In the main WinZip window, press Ctl+A to selected all files in the
ZIP archive. You should see all of the files become selected
(i.e., they'll all turn blue).

2. Click on the Extract button in WinZip (or press Shift+E). This will
display a new window titled Extract.

3. In the Extract window 'files' dialog, make sure that 'Selected files'
or 'All files' is checked. You want to extract all files, and in step
1 we selected all files.

4. In the Extract window, make sure that the 'Use folder names' option is
checked (this option is located in the lower-left corner of WinZip's
Extract window). This is required, as it is the only way that the
unzipped files will end up in the proper Tread Marks folders.

5. Specify the location of where to unzip the files. In the case of this
ZIP archive, you want to specify the root Tread Marks directory. Why
the root directory? Because we've stored 'Addons' as the prefix
directory to all files in the ZIP archive; thus, all files will end up
in Tread Marks' Addons folder. You may specify this location by either
typing it in or by pointing to it in the 'Folders/drives:' dialog. For
example, if you owned Tread Marks version 1.5, then in the 'Extract
to:' dialog, type 'C:\Program Files\Tread Marks 1.5\' (if you have Tread
Marks installed on a different letter drive, specify that drive instead
of C: ).

6. Finally, click on the Extract button (or simply press the enter key).

7. That's it!


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