Author Topic:   nguk Kasplattt Server, Updated!
posted July 08, 2001 10:51 PM            
the long awaited repair to the Kasplattt server is finally done. Download it here:
New Splatpack: http://server2049.virtualave.net/jvortex/dloads/TM/nguk/ngukKasplatttpackV2__PATCH.zip

extract that zip to your TM root folder and let it replace the files it wants to. this makes many updates and fixes a ton of errors. it also adds in vlads new weaponry and the black widow tank by request of BWL.

the pack will still work better when installed into its own addons folder, but this should fix the evil sound problem on almost everybodys machines. if after the new changes are made to the server anyone still has a problem with the engine sounds please let me know along with what was happening at the time and what it did.

ill post here when Malice gets the new settings active on the server so you all know.

later! happy Splattting!

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posted July 09, 2001 04:17 AM            
Hey! Been awhile since I have posted in here eh JVortex? And where have U been in ICQ? I haven't seen U 4 awhile either.

Oh! I have made a simple mod 2 the nuke! Thermo Nuke now! It's got a cool blast wave effect now! I'm having probs uploading it but I'll try again 2nite!

Oh well, Better shoot coz I'm at work!

C ya l8r ppl!


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posted July 09, 2001 05:09 AM            
all the new files are up and running on Kasplattt, just heard back from malice.