Author Topic:   I AM EXPOSED!!!!!!!!
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posted June 19, 2001 12:19 PM            
LOL, Whats up everyone? You all probably know me as "IWantTreadMarks". But my real name is: -=DNX=-Striker
I have been askeb by my superior to go by my real name, LOL, cough cough MATRIX! good to be back m8's. I took a small absense of leave, I was helping a friend to make another "World".
I am still working on it, but I have made time to play all 6 online games that I play! LOL, which is alot of time! But now that school is out, time is all I got. I am online just about ALL day! So ICQ me! I will be willing to talk... laterz

'..::-=DNX=-::..'Striker Out...

What up? Wut can I say.. computerz are my life!

"Snipe your Heart Out!"

"Tis' Death on the Wind!"