Author Topic:   Bad News: NGUK Down And Out
posted May 23, 2001 06:57 AM            
Earlier today Rex notified me that the nguk servers were down. i emailed Malice to see what the problem was and he replied with this:
I pulled the server as they seemed to be getting very little usage. I don't have room for servers that remain empty most of the time.

so, "same $#|^ different day"...

i did email back and told him very briefly that at the moment the TM player pool is very small compared to what it should be (for reasons that you AAAll well know), told him very briefly why and that LDA is working hard on making TM the popular game it shoudld have been in the first place. i then asked if when the TM player pool gets larger if we could run an nguk server again at a later date. He replied: "We spent a little time helping LDA sort out some code issues with TM. I'm happy to put the servers back up as long as they are used."

with any luck it wont be too long until those dead elephants are removed from the driveway and resurrected into fresh healthy ones .

on a side note within 3 months (probably closer to 2) i will finally have some form of cable/ high speed modem and will begin hosting Kasplattt myself for those who miss it. For now Karaldar (I believe it was, i could be wrong, and probably am as i tend to be) is running a slightly modified Kasplattt server pack, so anyone who wants to play it can head there.

now i have to rearrange my site again and see about getting the original Kasplattt back up once in a while. bah! and crap!

Let the rocks roll and the battle commence. BZ The RPG. Check out the site! Loads of Tread Marks support and AddOns. (Under Heavy Construction) The non-TM areas of the site have been resurrected!

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Rex R
posted May 23, 2001 02:02 PM            
They're back
that said there is a small problem with the server pak. the bomb lobber that is up on the server is an older version and has a glitch in it. to correct the problem copy the file 'art\sprites\flare5.bmp' to your 'addons\art\sprites folder', then rename this copy to 'lobbersmoke.bmp' this will fix the problem(till the server gets updated) and reduce stuttering and make the game run smoother


The Weatherman
posted May 23, 2001 02:55 PM         
What the????
I feared we would loose them from lack of use. I wish that LDA would release the m-player demo soon so we can get some more bodies. Maybe we can have one of them set to the DDM configuration so that people can always practice. I still like having the "official" DDM on Skans server because I think the pings are all around lower.


posted May 23, 2001 11:03 PM            
I second that.LDA...............What going on?I think the main concern should be towards the original PC rather than a new PS version.Lets face it,these Playstation people will not be playing online.Build up the home crowd first before you start focusing on other things.Just my opinion.