Author Topic:   An Apology
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posted May 16, 2001 09:36 PM            
Hi. First of all, I'd like to say that I think Treadmarks is an awesome game. And I'm not kissing up...this game makes for some intense tank races...and I LOVE the nuke.


I would like to apologize on behalf of the FirstOnes.com message board. While waiting to hear news about the fate of the Babylon 5:Into the Fire combat sim, we're in a bit of a dull period over there...and some people got a little bored and decided to spam/flame this board.

While I wasn't a part of the spamming, I feel that I should apologize. Boredom is no excuse for what happened. It was simply poor judgement and a breach of net etiquette.

I was disappointed to hear about what was going on, and while I hate the fact that our board was also spammed in retaliation, I really can't blame anyone from this forum for doing so.

I hope it doesn't happen again.


Sam K.
Member, FirstOnes.com Forums

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posted May 16, 2001 10:50 PM            

we all know it's a great game, why else would I have spent these years here?



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posted May 16, 2001 11:12 PM         
Samuel is not alone at Firstones.... we all feel the same way about this unfortunate incident...

you are all still welcome to join us, as long as you retain the respect we all deserve.


and spare a thought for a community hollowed out by corporate bungles....
which is 2000+ strong and still alive after years of fighting....


posted May 17, 2001 09:02 AM            
Well, if you guys are so bored, why not join up with the TM community? Everybody buy a copy and jump on the servers!


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posted May 17, 2001 09:29 AM         
I want to apologise too. This was a stupid joke that got too big. I only posted two times here but that doesn't reduce my guilt.
I hope you won't judge all members of Firstones by this single incident.

X-Omega @ FirstOnes.com

You have no chance to call in the green vorklifts make your time!!
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posted May 17, 2001 10:22 AM         
Ditto to what X-Omega said. Sorry about all of this.

Curz @ FirstOnes


posted May 17, 2001 11:25 AM            
yes, please do not blame all of firstones for this.

A2597....everywhere I guess.



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posted May 21, 2001 01:54 AM            
Well ill be honest, i just took 1 step back and let everyone go head to head and not got involved. To be honest i love TM and ive seen shots of B5-ITF.

I also cant wait till the B5 game comes out i know for certain that DNX Clan will be supporting it, and we may even build it into the deathmatch federation somehow.

To help both our sides heal from this multiple purple arrdvark slaughterfest, i think it would be a great idea if BOTH our forums members acquire a copy of the Other forums game.

We can then improve the populaton of both our games at the same time and have a great laff with it.

Is there a demo of B5 out yet ? i dont know, but what i do know is that DNX ShadowKeepers Clan will be strongly supporting it and will be recruiting for it anytime soon.

Thoughts please ?

((SK)) Wing - DNX Matrix CMDR

hey just a quick thought, but if B5 turns out to be as moddable as TM, maybe we can get some tanks from each others games to mod the other - b5 ships in tm and tanks in space - Sick but Kewl !