Author Topic:   Guess I could have put this in the DDM thread, but....
posted May 15, 2001 03:18 PM            
What's up, guys...

I'm new to the forum (but not new to TM) so I didn't really want to just post into Robu's thread...

Anyway, some of you might recognize me from the multiplayer (I tend to stick to classic servers or demo though, because I like the grassroots competition--but lately I've been playing in the other (mod) servers a lot more often).

After hearing the enthusiasm that my good buddy, Robu1, had about the DDM this past Sunday, I was wondering if I could get in on one sometime; it sounds pretty cool. I don't know who the admin is (if any) and what sort of rules they have about who gets in and who doesn't, so I guess I'm asking? lol

...I'll try to stay posted to the boards from now on. It seems like TM has its own little underground cult here, and I feel a little left out by not having made myself known in the forum yet (my fault).



Dreamer (BWL/MG)
posted May 15, 2001 03:47 PM            
Underground cult? Little? Well, maybe little, but TM defines at least a subculture Yeah, you're right. New constructive community members always welcome - so: welcome into the family.
DDM rules? read your neighbouring threads.
there's hardly any official communication besides this board, though many of us use ICQ too much at work, isn't it, peeeto?

AFAIK the DDMs are open by now, with anyone accepted into the rankings who conforms to the rules - play all scheduled matches from the first to the last and you're in for placement - no shadow ammo collecting, no spamming, no insults or mature taunts/speech.
Oh, and please, for your own sake, don't scream all the time! (Look over in the mods forum - the "ask mr tm manners" thread - you'll see what I mean.)
Apart from that, if you've got any, even rudimentary programming skills, there's always need for people who do.


The Weatherman
posted May 15, 2001 04:54 PM         
Yeah, Neo, it is wide open to anyone. There may be a signup posted later (Skan?) that would just be to get a low estimate of the turnout. It has been cool seeing you in reg M-player, you should really come to the DDMs.

Just a note on what Dreamer said on all caps - sometimes it seems like I am shouting in a match because I have my "freelook on" for better camera angles. Fortunately, I never see anyone really flaming online.

Welcome to the Forum, Neo


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posted May 15, 2001 09:34 PM         
oh yeah - sometimes it will seem like i am yelling while chatting in multiplayer, too. for some reason, the camera mode changes so i have to keep the caps-lock on to have the camera the way i want it (where by default caps-lock is off to have the camera the way i want... i haven't figgured out why this happens, yet).

and as far as shadow-ammo collecting during DDM, i believe that it is considered legal, fair play - the # of shots is turned down a bit, tho, so it's harder to do. and with all the good players around, it's very hard to stay alive for too long no matter what. IMO, you're better off getting a feww quick kills, then ditching it so someone else doesn't pick it up after you die collecting alot of ammo!


posted May 15, 2001 11:33 PM            
I hate it too when you accidently hit the caps key.Changes the camera angle.You can't really change back to lowercase until you quit the game.So when you see me in all caps,thats prob why.


posted May 16, 2001 01:03 AM            
i also suffered from the caps lock for view problem for a while. there is a program called anti caps lock that will disable the caps lock key itself to stop u from accidentally hitting it. makes you have to hit Shift+caps lick to activate caps lock. i like it.

aside from that to get around the SHOUTING problem while playing there is an easy way i found to do it. if you turn caps lock on BEFORE you even launch TM then when you "activate" caps lock while in game to change your view it still alters the view while actually turning off caps lock so u can type normally.

kinda confusing... in general: turn caps lock on before you star the program to be able to type normally. that wont help much for people who switch often, but it works for me.


=DNX= Matrix
posted May 21, 2001 01:40 AM            
i find that simple clicking the RIGHT button on the mouse turn freelook on and off, the right in case you dont use mouse fires at the enemy