Author Topic:   The BZ Site Moved (Sort Of.....)
posted May 12, 2001 08:34 PM            
For any of you who have bookmarked my site using the long link instead of the www.bzrpg.com link youre in for a surprise, that page is gone.

its still there, just renamed is all. so with a new nams comes a new link. you can still use www.bzrpg.com to get there but if you want to bookmark just the TM page itself then use the link below instead of your old one. http://server2049.virtualave.net/jvortex/html/TM/Index.html

Let the rocks roll and the battle commence. BZ The RPG. Check out the site! Loads of Tread Marks support and AddOns. (Under Heavy Construction) The non-TM areas of the site have been resurrected!


posted May 13, 2001 05:44 PM            
i updated my favorites list

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