Author Topic:   Mod Program v1.2 is out now!
posted April 22, 2001 06:01 PM            
Yeah! It's here! With advanced feature so U can modify ANY entity file you like and ANY setting! With the help of JVortex's EEK information file you'll get an explanation of most data types!

Go get it at:

Knowing me I'll do something else 2 it soon!

C ya l8r ppl! Have fun!



posted April 22, 2001 06:40 PM            
holy stuff (insert explicative here) what u can do in a couple days!

now theres even more incentive for people to add to the EEK (on which i have heard NOTHING yet, common people, i know that there are a lot of errors in that thing).

problem is that i couldnt get the descriptions to work on my machine. i assume they are supposed to activate when u click on the field titles? when i click on them i get a message like this sent to my browser: http://weapon%20weight%20:/ and a page cannot be displayed error. im not sure exactly what its trying to do.
also it still says v1.1 in the title bar

im gonna have to tinker with this a bit. keep it goin man!