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posted April 21, 2001 11:42 AM            
Hiya ppl! Yeah! Might as well post your ideas about Mod program in here! Just the things I could do 2 it to make it better! I'm still working on v1.2 but it'll B out soon!

I'll B around anyway! Go forth and kickass!

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Things so far in v1.2!

Browse button on game directory as some ppl have multipul TM's installed!

Advanced feature let U edit any .ent file you like! It has been programmed to in a way that if U select "projectile =" in the "Data Type" a list of all the projectile's will appear so 2 make modifications easy! Will work for many more Data Types!

Filter for the Advanced feature so you can filter out any crap you don't wanna C! Handy!

Will still include simple mode Weapons and Tank Mods!


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I'm not a modder, but I do know that some of the mods released had minor errors in them. I recommend having an integrety checking feature. What this would do is chase down all of the references in a mod to their respective directories and make sure that the .ent, .bmp, .wav., and every other possible file that they reference actually exist. I believe I confirmed that Tread Marks is case (UPPER versus lower versus MiXeD) sensitive. That is, if a mod referenced another .ent file, "projectile = TreeStrike," for example, but the actual casing of the entity file was "Treestrike.ent," the mod would fail and an error message would be displayed on the Tread Marks dedicated server console.



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i dont recall if they are case sensitive or not, i dont think they are, but they may be. i know for sure that the paramater names themselves arent (SelfHitDelay is the same as seLFHitDElaY). but that would still be good for call checking (texture vs sprite folder and such).

another nice touch along those lines would be an integrated spell checker with its own *.dic file. that would catch many of the common errors such as low and teture and so forth.

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