Author Topic:   Think i found a bug !
=DNX= Matrix
posted April 21, 2001 12:40 AM            
If you join a server and theres someone in there with a new tank (that you dont have on your system) they dont show up on your names list "TAB" and they dont show on your screen - yet it is that they can get next to ya, blow u up - you dont see the tank, the name the frag or the weapon; you just die - only proof that anyones there is when they type / talk.

This could be exploited as a hack with a supermodded tank as and when more ppl come into the game - lets face it there are hackers in every damn game out there and we all hate their guts - time for 1.6.0 i think.

Check the.ents of the client against the host and if theres anything that cant be sync'd then that player ought not to be able to enter the server.

we call this is battlezone a "VERSION MISMATCH ERROR" meaning they have sumthin u dont that the server protocol cant bring into line for fair play.

just a thought doing my bit



posted April 21, 2001 12:51 AM            
Nother buggy in the bed when im starting Everything goes fine tell it says GO! i can hear tanks...etc but i can't see movement. cept every like 60 seconds it flashs some where flying tanks pics without land


posted April 21, 2001 01:27 AM            
um... just to clarify, what Matrix is referring to is the fact that if you are driving one of the newer tanks and the server also has this new tank BUT someone connected to the server doesnt have the tank then this happens.

it becomes a complete stealth tank. the only trace of the tanks existance is if the player chats or if they r on fire (crud can be seen as well while moving).

this glitch really should be addressed in future versions.


Rex R
posted April 21, 2001 04:11 AM            
yes with a default tank. then if a person did not have a particular tank then they would see a generic tank. mayhap the generic tank skin should have a sign on the back that reads 'you need to update your tank collection' or words to that effect


posted April 21, 2001 04:18 AM            
the existence of this "potential hack" is still in question for me.

I too have seen this, but the players with the stealth tank are on the list when you press tab. They show up on the team that says "no team". Also, you can see them, they show up on radar, plus you can see there treadmarks and or flames and or weps.

I downloaded the tank that was causing this and went to a server that supported it, on that server there were people who had not downloaded the tank and could still see it.

I don't know what to say but think it may be a random occurence from not having the right tank synced. Back in version 1.0 when you didn't have the tank downloaded you could still see it on the maps. But yeah it is an annoyance.

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