Author Topic:   Mod Program Update v1.1
posted April 17, 2001 08:56 PM            
Right! I can make the Mod program as powerful as you like modifing anything you want! What do you wanna modify?? Tell me and I'll intergrate it into the Mod program!

New version out! Tread Marks Mod v1.1!

Just a small change! Mod any tank settings now! Post other things that you want changing!

Get it at http://icb.cjb.net

Later ppl!


posted April 17, 2001 10:56 PM         
awesome proggy, blandy! thank you.

i realy like the idea of entity templates... then you could add a New--->Weapon/Projectile/... button that would bring up the appropriate template.

and, i don't have a good handle on how the different weapon .ent files interract... maybe you could add an "entity tree" that shows the relationship between the .ent files for each weapon? i guess just adding a "spewer" window to show the other entities for any weapon (i.e. the wonkey gun)

also, please add buttons next to the Weapon and Projectile Entity Path windows (at the bottom of your dialog box) to bring up an editor for the file shown (you could use Notepad, and also let the user set an option to use the editor of their choice)

again, great job! hope to meet ya online sometime...


posted April 17, 2001 11:45 PM            
well wow you kick some extreme @$$!!!

you sure u didnt just have v1.1 sittin there already and released 1.0 anyhow just so u could seem all fast and wizardlike getting 1.1 out?

if you want a list of a LOT of the various entity types u should d load the EEK (Entity Entry Key) off of my site here: http://server2049.virtualave.net/jvortex/dloads/TM/EEK.zip and that should help a lot.

chances are this will be too much info at once to really take in, but who knows oh speedy wizardlike one, heh.

if you want i can trim that down to whats probably the more important of the various parameters.

i have a feeling that youll find a lot of helpful people here, lol.

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posted April 18, 2001 03:34 AM            
i don't have vb40032.dll, I'm running VB6 on my comp and am now embarking on the search for the .dll

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posted April 19, 2001 03:49 PM            
Hey Blandy - Nice work!
I haven't yet used it to change any thing but it is nice to be able to examine the different characteristics of the tanks and weapons. Just a few questions/suggestions-
1 - where does a weapons damage appear?
2 - Do mods effect the main files or do the changes get saved to the addon directory
3 - could you add a browse button to all of the paths - I have multiple traedmarks installs
4 - will a future version have tank info like armor, and size parameters?
Thanks for the cool program.
-the weatherman


Rex R
posted April 20, 2001 01:17 AM            
weapon damage is(depending on the type of weapon)usually found in the appropriate projectile.ent. normally damage is given as a decimal example tankgun1 damage = 0.2 I understand that it can go higher than 1.0 (don't know if you can go negative)