Author Topic:   Some halfway decent server news
posted April 13, 2001 09:47 PM            
Well, my mod server's back up, as you could probably tell.

It's back up in its old configuration (P233), but with some more memory (192MB). This is a temporary thing. As soon as some parts I've ordered come together, it'll be running on a dual PII/450 with at least 192MB of RAM and generally faster everything. Might help ping times and lost frames, dunno.

However, I do know that the new configuration, when finished, will allow me to run at least two (perhaps three) servers on the same box. Hopefully the bandwidth will allow that too.

As of now, the mod server will be first priority, followed by a non-mod team deathmatch server if no other good ones are available, then a 'Classic 1.0' server with unguided weapons, and perhaps the control settings from ver 1.0.1. If there's horsepower to spare, a capture the flag or non-team deathmatch server is a possibility.

If worse comes to worse for servers, I can use my home system (PIII/933, 384MB; perhaps soon to be an Athlon 1.4Ghz or so) to host at least one server. 384kbps upload should be sufficient - it's the same machine that hosts the FTP server.

Speaking of the FTP server, it's still standing at with a login name of "Treadmarks" and password "LDA". If you need any mods or patches, get them there. Point 1.0.1 people you see to it - and when I get the classic server up, then they really won't have an excuse to pay up for the full version.

Somebody's gotta help keep this game going.

The Black Gryphon


posted April 13, 2001 11:11 PM            
Thanks Skandranon,I wish I had low pings so I could put up a good server.


The Weatherman
posted April 24, 2001 02:30 AM         
Hey Skandranon,
Looks like we are going to be pretty rich in servers - hope we can boost the # of players to fill them . Don't neglect to give your input on the modded (and unmodded/classic) netgames servers as you have a great modding philosophy. If we get saturated on a certain type of server, I would love to see a dedicated CTF or unmodded 1v1 or 2v2 grudge server. (Is there a way to set up an initially 1v1 server that goes 1human-1ai, 2h, 3h-1ai,then 4h?) Small games are so intense and the dynamics are so different from melee games. Also, it is good to lift techniques from the old pros

Much thanks for helping to keep us going during the lean times...