Author Topic:   Master / Client Chat
=DNX= Matrix
posted April 13, 2001 04:43 AM            

Find it - Download it - Use it.

If you enter a game, change your name to (Name)_In_Game

and back to (name) when u come out.

TIP, keep the dedicated text file open, its easy to make a 1 v 1 player or a 2 v 2 player, name it and run it that way.

thats what i will be doing in the forthcomming tournament.

and the tourney will be conducted from the Master/Client Chat since you can keep a close eye on the servers, games in progress, human/bot etc etc etc.

Date for the tourney not yet set, but im hoping 3rd saturday in may - ill keep you posted.



posted April 13, 2001 11:18 PM            
Some of us are not technical wizards