Author Topic:   Changes at the DMF
=DNX= Matrix
posted March 29, 2001 08:38 PM            
Ok first up i'll say that some new registrations have been received and logged with new logos.

These logo's will become Flags to be used in the game when there are 15 registered.

1) to the best of my knowledge no-one has used the X-Drive i plan on removing it.

2) hardly anyone uses the forum, i also plan on removing it.

any comments on these points, and any suggested improvements - after all its designed 4 u so why shouldnt it be designed with features you want.

ideas plz

thx guys.

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Dreamer (BWL/MG)
posted March 30, 2001 04:23 AM            
i have, but just to test whether anyone woulds check...


posted March 30, 2001 07:34 AM         
i have used the X-drive to get hypersnap... it seemed a little slow, but was good to be able to get it!

i'm sorry i don't have the time right now, but maybe someone should spend a little time gathering as much TM resources as they can, to be put on the x-drive?

i like the idea of your forum, but don't have time to check it... i think maybe we should keep using LDA's for now.


=DNX= Matrix
posted March 30, 2001 08:43 AM            
i agree peeeto, ill remove the forum its more trouble than its worth.

but i wasnt aware ppl were using the x-drive, ill try and fillit, it for everyone hand everyone has the same access priveleges, you can use it to swap large file instead of email, or if your hotmail account wont allow large files.

any other features you would like to see ?