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posted March 01, 2001 11:38 PM            
The update of the DMF ( www.deathmatch-federation.com ) front page is complete with news, and a couple of new items added - LDA you may wanna take a look at the new REAL BATTLEZONE page which can be reaced by clicking the CLICK HERE button directly below my mock-up picture of the BZ/TM MOD.

Coax you may wanna take a look too - i think you will find the interface screen interesting.

Jim - any news on that weight (total) including pallette yet ?

any comments on the DMF or DNX are welcome at matrix@dianetix.worldonline.co.uk or by ICQ at 30148958.


So buy the full version you skingy gits ! were all here waitin to frag u to death !

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posted March 02, 2001 04:59 AM            
you should get some sort of feedback form up, because I get to lazy to open up hotmail and let you know you mis-spelled lonewolf as lonefolf. The mistake is in the current news. But it looks really good, was there anything in particular i should of been watching for.

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=DNX= Matrix
posted March 02, 2001 10:21 AM            
Yeah its ok i actually did spot that but my eyes were clsing at speed and it was past 5 in the morning, ill change that.

feedback frm yeah good call - ill make one - thx.

op and click the button under the bz mod picture - theres a pic of the interface that bz uses, i think you will find it most user fiendly.