Author Topic:   Dedicated server question
posted February 14, 2001 02:27 PM            
I tried running a dedicated server from my machine the other day. I changed a few settings like I wanted to select the maps used. I basically just removed the "#" sign from the two lines provide and in the quotes I put a couple of maps that I liked. I also changed the line that controls how the AI tanks distribute between teams so that they would all be on one team and my cousin and I could play against them. Every time I launched my game I got an illegal operation. I changed the settings back to the defaults and I was able to run a dedicated server and then join the game from the same machine. Is it s bad thing to run a game that way or should I just use a stand alone server? Not that I have that luxury to have a stand alone, but I may be able fix something up.

Oh and another question, I wanted to run a game where it was like an IP game where a person would have to put my IP address in the master server spot so that no one would see the game unless they new the address is this possible, because I have some friends, (possible clan) in a couple of other states that I want to setup some special games with, so that we can get a better ping rate than the typical servers. Any suggests would be appreicated.

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i have no experience in setting up/running a server, so i can't tell you why you got the illegal operation (search this BBS for info on setting up a server - i think i remember something about how to change server settings & available maps).

i can tell you, though, that you can run a single player game on a machine with an IP address, and other players can join by typing that IP into the 'connect to server' option in the game - not in the master server box (on their multiplayer screen). that way, you don't have to run a server at all, and your game will be invisible to others... and the person starting the single player game can choose the map.

if you want all bots on 1 team, i think that feature was added in 1.5 or one of the patches. search the BBS for info on that. i think it was in one of the posts by LDA announcing a patch.

suggestion: if you want to allow other players to join your 'private' game, you can post your IP and the times that you'll be playing on this BBS... i don't know if that would pose a security risk for you, to have posted your IP here, but that's something to think about (not that any of us would try to do anything bad, except for maybe Evil Kaeto... )


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This is most likely a bug with putting all the AIs on a single team. Make sure that the team is one of the team names (Black, Blue, etc) that will be used when you play. Also, make sure that you set up a 2 team game. I'm pretty sure the first two teams are Black and Blue, so make sure the AI team is Black, and have all of your friends join the Blue team.

This feature didn't really get tested with the latest stuff, so there may be a problem there, but the above might help a bit.

I'll make sure this gets addressed in the next patch (no ETA for that though).



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Thanks Peeto, thanks Tom. I was able to run a sever at a lan party that all the AI tanks were on the same team without any problems, but that was the demo, it was great fun fighting 8 AI bots against three humans. Man the way they charge, when you see 5 Bots heading straight for you jumping over a hill, its like oh sh%t here they come. I would die over and over, each time I met them I would damage a couple alittle before I died then I would eventually have several of them burning and the next time I met them I would waste them. hehe, it was great.