Author Topic:   Increased Frame Rate in Multi-Player
posted December 28, 2000 08:56 AM            
It seems as though my frame rate (FPS [F1 key]) has increased significantly in version 1.5.

I used to get 15-20, and now it seems to be 30-40.

I see no improvement in Single-Player mode.

I did decrease my net rate in the Miscellaneous Game Settings to 6 or 8k.

Any explanation for this? I noticed it even before installing my new video card (Creative Gefore2 MX).


posted December 28, 2000 05:56 PM            
A little of topic,but what is the best 3d card out there now for around $200-$300.I know 3DFX chips are not wha htey used to be.nVidia is supose to be the best kind of card now right?I'm getting ready to replace my Voodoo 3 and I'm too lazy to search for reviews.