Author Topic:   The status window during the games
posted December 19, 2000 12:32 AM            
Is there anyway to disable the text that constantly scrolls during the game it can be distracting. On another note to COAX, I was just busting your chops tonight. I have been playing this game for a long time and I thought I was pretty good, until I met you. I never played the game online until just recently and so far its been a blast I got several other friends hooked on the single player and I have just started to venture online. I hate games that have a lot of lag because that always throws me off, but this game is not too bad sometimes, but I hate to lose to lag. Anyway its all in good fun and I will try to watch the trash talkin next time.

See you on the battlefield.


Random Chaos LDA
posted December 19, 2000 01:26 AM            
To control the status lines do the following.

In your Sabot.Ent file (located in the Entities/TankGod directory - edit with a text editor such as Note Pad)
statuslife = (enter time in seconds)
numstatuslines = (enter max number of lines)

One of the above commands is already in the file - but it's probably set higher than you want. You'll have to change it rather than just add a new line.

Hope this helps

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posted December 19, 2000 04:35 AM            
apology accepted Hunter. Just after being called a pig, you know, you kind of just gotta slap around the newbie a little bit. You played very well for only starting to play on-line. Welcome to the community. Got lucky with that nuke.