Author Topic:   Funky Camera Mode?
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posted December 12, 2000 02:31 PM            
I have enjoyed playing TM. It and Half-Life are the only online games I play.

The only real complaint I had with v1.0 was that I could not reverse the vertical control (Y axis) on the mouse. That is fixed in the v1.5 demo. Thanks, LDA.

My question involves the camera controls. After some practice, I got used to the funky camera mode in v1.0. This allows you to look left/right/up/down using the mouse, and the turret would follow the view as fast as it could. I cannot seem to get the same behavior in the v1.5 demo. I would expect to find it under Game Options|Miscellaneous|Camera Pitch Control. The given options are None, Follow Terrain, and Follow Tank. What I'm looking for might be called Follow Mouse.

Is this camera behavior still possible? Am I missing something? (It wouldn't be the first time.) As it is now, I have to keep flipping free look on and off, but the fewer keys that need to be pressed the better.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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posted December 12, 2000 03:13 PM            
These settings have thoroughly changed.
There's a "freelook" option now - RMB by standard, I think...
But you'lll have to get used to constantly switching between free, turret, and front view, if you want to frag as plentiful as in 1.0

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