Author Topic:   MAN I love this game!!!
posted December 06, 2000 12:54 AM            
One race, all of this hapened.

Racing on the ramp, I hear some Jaws music, dam dam dam dam dum du dum dom...it gets louder, My heart starts pounding. closer, a quick glance at the radar, I know I'm the targer. I hear the Shark growl (Still tweeking it) more music, I hit a jump, SPLASH! thank goodness for trees.

Driveing aroung under water in the crater of one of my edited nukes, driving along at 70KPH, sudenly a bolt from a plasma storm flys by, missing my tank by just in game feet, another, faster, a solid wall of plasma on the left, I near the crater edge, the sound of hissing fills my ears (I love my head phones) the plasma storm starts to near me, I have to get up high enugh for it to not be able to track me...I drive though the blue explosion sphears, neven even got hit.

I continue my race, killing tanks, A land shark misses me, it circles, again, again, I hear it growl, and know it's hungry, I drive up to another tank as fast as I can, SPLASH! whew, cought a little "Splash" damage...

Continueing along, I hear the sound of a cruise missile, I hit a crater, the thing misses me but about one tank length, I drive as fast as I can to the next turn, I hit a dirt ball mound, and go flying into the air, just as the cruise missile flys underneath me. It then flys into a mountain...suddenly I hear another sound, the sound of a hundred screems from the abyss, it fills my ears, I turn, and in front of me is a nuclear missile, mooving oddly slow, it impacts just feet from my tank, and I go flying.

Hoo boy, what a race, and those were just a FEW of the things that happened in there! (Those all happened in the first two laps, out of a nine lap race) I may start driving with F12 on all the time...

So, whats your most memorable RECENT race. (this was my last race)


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