Author Topic:   Linux dedicated server?
Neil McRae
posted December 02, 2000 04:30 PM            
I imagine I know what the answer to this is going to be, but I run a number of Quake3
servers using the linux q3ded binary. Which is a small program that you can run for just the servers. Running a server on windoze is hard to manage as you need to keep screens on the machine and have access. So are you guys working on a Linux version?

I'm planning on putting a server up in the UK but if its on windows and crashes its hard to restore remotely.

Look for out for EU/UK DOMINO that will be my server.

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Random Chaos LDA
posted December 02, 2000 06:00 PM            
At this time there is no Linux server nor are there immediate plans for a Linux server. Any future decision of a such a server would be based on how well Tread Marks sells.

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