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posted November 05, 2000 06:14 AM            
Which Version of TM is the latest and where to get mods from???


posted November 05, 2000 08:08 AM         
Try RC's site for mods: treadmarks.3d-unlimited.com
For tank add-ons try my site: treadmarks.de.vu (but you'll need a VRML plugin for the neat stuff)
On my site there's a list of links to all known TM fan sites, too.

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posted November 05, 2000 07:34 PM            
I've just finished redoing my mod section and now have NOPeR's and DvsDuke's mods mirrored on my site. http://treadmarks.3d-unlimited.com

As for current version, Version 1.5 will be available as an update in a couple of weeks and will be available in stores in initial release countries by then end of November.

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