Author Topic:   DvsMod 4.0 -Status Update--Good & Bad News-
posted October 11, 2000 11:19 PM            
Im very sorry im SO busy. If any one wishes to take my mod and work on go right ahead and email me ill send you a (full) version of DvsMod with models..once i start to see diffrent modifications to my own mod i might pick it up of i have time. the following rules apply if you want to do this.

#1 its still DvsMod but you will also have your name on the title and in creadits for making weapons..etc.

#2 Dont steal my mod please. I might not be working on it right now -BUT- i will later on.

Im thinking about making wepons based on other games...AKA Q3 and UT and HL/CS. i might mount TRUE guns and real to life weapons...

DvS, Its ThInKiNg!

Cya if you want to discuss somthing then ICQ me.



DvsMod at www.dvsduke.com