Author Topic:   Easy Nuke-a-rama
Random Chaos (TC)
posted October 11, 2000 05:18 PM            
Easiest Nuke-A-Rama you could ever build (and it doesn't majorly effect game play otherwise):

A: In the Explo/Matter.Ent
Add this line: "EntityChain5 = weapon/matterbomb"

B: In the Explo/Nuke.Ent
Add this line: "EntityChain5 = weapon/nuke"

C: Run the Armageddon level

Have fun!

--Random Chaos


posted October 15, 2000 11:25 AM            
LOL, this rules. now if only i could get some polka music (Why can't i find much on napster? ). Yup, tis fun, just imagine this: An AI is approx. 100 meters away from you with a drill... the AI bolts for you, warming up the drill, but then, there's a huge KaTHOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! as about 3 or so nukes hit him at once... the smoke clears, and there's a cratered mountain right in front of you... you climb it to get at the nukes that just spawn, when all the sudden, KABOOOOOM!!! and when the haze disappears, you're the level is COMPLETELY different, and there's nukes scattered eveywhere. Now, let's up this, i was listening to a CD called 'Coming Home' which wasn't supposed to be on, but i was so intent on living that i didn't stop to fix WinAmp with some FIF (Five Iron Frenzy) music. So, just as things really get cranking, of ALL SONGS, one comes up that's all about celebrating life with music. Now, here i am, dodging nukes, finding the landscape changes every second, AI's are disappearing as suddenly as appearing, and there's the this dude singing 'Music is the celebration of life, CELEBRATE LIFE' in this semi-calm tone while the larry is BLARING the phrase "A NUKE HAS ARRIVED" so much that the words are slurred into saying" A NUKE HAS SURVIVED". The next thing you know, there's only one person on icq and he's from a school i used to go to and I'm simply going crazy, saying "AAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" in between every line I send to him. Of course, he didn't respond, didn't do anything but just listen, and i'm suspicious of him putting me onhis ignore list... which i believe Coax, xlr8r, and Noper are doing the same (I KNOW IT, you mean people!). Isn't great that you can rest assured knowing that if you get massive lead poisoning that you'll know exactly what you'll be saying," LOOk OUT, THAT AI'S GOT A NUKE, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*gasp gasp* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Thnx LDA, you could really help some minority Exercists and Psychiatrists understand the human brain.