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Random Chaos (TC)
posted October 09, 2000 06:37 PM            
Gold Ant - your MIRV gun is here! I just uploaded it (its only temporary - I have to stick it on my FTP server, but I don't have the password memorized yet).

Here is what it is - its a ground following missile that after 2 seconds begins droping modified wasps. After another one second, it blows up leaving only the wasps behind. I decided this was the easiest way of doing it based on the annoyances of making a spewer not carrying momentum info...

It looks a little funny (since the smoke trail on the missile is the MIRV Missiles) but beleive me, it works. The weight of the missile is set a little high - probably should be about 60 - but I left it at 100 after testing (I had it at 3000 - glad I changed it from there ).

Also, I have a Colored Laser mod comming up (its finished but I'm waiting to publish it, perhaps until the new TM version comes out).

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posted October 10, 2000 04:33 AM         
Sorry, but I can't say I really like it.
My suggestions:
1. change the spawned missiles in a way that leaves them without a model for the missile.
2. don't have the missile spawn the wasps with a delay as long as two seconds - a quarter of a second would do just fine, IMHO.
3. don't spawn as dense a cluster of wasps. the number is OK right now, but spawn them one at a time and one every 10th of a second or the like.
4. let the original missile start at an angle (say, 30 degrees) up into the sky.
5. but for an alpha ( ), I love it. You know, like the first TM test.

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Random Chaos (TC)
posted October 10, 2000 12:48 PM            

I did that in about 15 mins + testing time of about 30 mins...

It works, but I think I'll make it different eventually...but when I do it it will be a lot more work...