Author Topic:   SERVER HELP?????????????????????
posted September 17, 2000 08:10 PM            
does anybody know why when i start my server up behind my proxy server that it shows up twice in the masters server game connect page


posted September 18, 2000 08:56 AM            
You must have the master server listed twice in the dedicated.cfg?


posted September 18, 2000 05:44 PM            
i checked twice over and it is only listed once in decitated cfg file hell im lost here 1 connection will show a ping of 0 and the other will show the right ping.the ip address of the dead server is the nic card address on the computer im running the server on. the ip address that is the good connection is the nic card that is directly connected to my modem i dont know i will keep messing with it thanks for the halp


posted September 18, 2000 07:06 PM         
Wasn't there something like a server showing up twice - once for local, once for remote connection?


posted September 18, 2000 07:13 PM            
that sounds like what is happening but how do i fix it????????????????????????????????????//


posted September 18, 2000 07:35 PM            
Don't worry about it - you're the only person seeing it if that's happening...


posted September 18, 2000 08:11 PM            
i had the server up a little while ago and NEMZAD told me he seen it twice/i am now running the server on my main system connectec directly to the cable modem but if i fire it up on another system it is in there twice


posted September 18, 2000 10:55 PM            
Is Nemzad on your LAN? Everyone on you LAN will see the server twice...

Try posting the entire contents of dedicated.cfg, I'll look at it...


posted September 19, 2000 12:27 AM            
No don't, he'll laugh at your mistakes and mock you for the rest of your life!!!!!!!!!


posted September 19, 2000 06:03 PM            
Tread Marks Dedicated Server config file.

#This must be set to 1.
DedicatedServer = 1

#Updates per second rate of the server. This should
#NOT be more than 10 for Internet Servers, unless
#you only want High Bandwiidth people playing. LAN
#servers can safely set the update rate up to 20.
#Note that this doesn't affect the FPS of the clients,
#only the rate that network update packets are sent.
DedicatedFPS = 10

#How many players can join (doesn't count Bots).
MaxClients = 16

#Time between Heartbeats to Masters, in seconds.
SendHeartbeats = 18

#Addresses of Master Servers to send Heartbeats to.
#There are no error messages if the Master addresses
#are wrong, so PLEASE check www.TreadMarks.com for
#the latest address(es) to use. Note that this is
#only required for Internet servers to be visible
#to everyone, LAN servers don't need to send heartbeats.

MasterServer0 =

#MasterServer1 = xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa
#MasterServer2 = xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa

#Please fill these in with your info!
ServerName = "CUTS KILLEM ALL"
ServerInfo = "1 SHOT KILLS"
ServerWebSite = "http://www.treadmarks.com/"

#Max bytes per second sent to each client.
ServerRate = 4000

#Time Limit in Minutes.
TimeLimit = 20

#Frag Limit.
FragLimit = 60

#Game mode, 1 for Deathmatch, 0 for Race.
Deathmatch = 1

#When running a Race server, as soon as the first human player
#crosses the finish line the CoolDownTime will start, during
#which time weapon fire isn't allowed, but the rest of the players
#will be able to finish the race and place if they can cross the
#finish line before the CoolDownTime is up. Since the race is
#only fair to players who are in at the start of the race,
#you should set the Laps to 1, and the StartDelay to at least 60,
#so that if a player joins in the middle of a race, they won't
#have to wait too long to start a new race with everyone else.

#Number of seconds to count down before the race or match starts.
#Set this to at least 60 for Race servers.
StartDelay = 15
#Seconds to show scores before switching levels. Should be at least 10.
#Set this to 60 or 120 for Race servers.
CoolDownTime = 15

#Number of laps in a Race mode game.
Laps = 1

#List of maps to run on the dedicated server, specify by file
#name or descriptive name. Specify no maps to run all maps.
#DediMap0 = "The Ramp"
#DediMap1 = "Scarab"

#Set to 1 for random maps, 0 for cycling maps.
RandomMaps = 1

#Port addresses. For firewalls or proxy servers, it's best to
#allow access on all ports from 12300 through 12399.
ServerPort = 12300
ClientPort = 12350
MasterPort = 12399

LogFileActive = 0
LogFileName = "dedicated.log"

#Number of AI bot tanks.
NumTanks = 4

#The skill level of the bots, between 0.0 and 1.0.
AISkill = 0.2

#The types of tanks allowed for bots, 0 is all, 1 is Steel, 2 is Liquid.
LimitTankTypes = 1

#Set this to 1 to enable people to join teams. If 0, no teams are allowed.
TeamPlay = 0

#Set this parameter (uncomment) if you want the AI tanks to be on a specific team only.
#Otherwise they will spread out evenly among all player teams.
#AITankTeam = Red

#Set this to 1 to use Team Scoring instead of individual scoring, if team play is on.
TeamScores = 1

#Set this to 1 to allow team members to kill each other (but it won't give frags).
TeamDamage = 0

#Set the following parameters (uncomment) if you want to limit players to being on
#a few specific teams only. Note, if AITankTeam is set, it can be different from
#one of the following teams, so you can have a Player vs. AI server.
Team0 = Gold
Team1 = Blue
#Team2 = etc., etc.


posted September 19, 2000 07:22 PM            
Umm - it's yer firewall... I can't tell you how to fix it, maybe someone else can...


posted September 19, 2000 07:51 PM            
hell i dont have a fire wall up just the proxy server is up and all port addresses are correct hell i dont know any thanks fot trying