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posted September 10, 2000 03:37 PM            
In just gotta ask, does anyone have complaints about TM. I might as well say the only ones i have:

1. No volume controls

2.Doesn't save the ip adresses for master server problems, which you could do your own check for each of them instead of asking the master server if it goes down.

3.I have to admit that even though fragging and racing are two very fun ways to play, there should be some other thingies (modes) that do something else. I hate it when i'm trying to have fun and someone starts cussing because they can't get enough frags, which, in my point of view, isn't the objective of the game (why else do people make games other than to have fun, with some obvious boundaries as to what way you have fun, but FUN none the less? ).

0. More polka music

4. Bumper tank mode, i have all sorts of ideas for this. BUT, wouldn't it be great if you could do the following: What if you could program your own custom form of playing. You can select that it be an item capturing game, where the guy with the item (a flag for instance) has hinderings or special abilities (hence you could play capture the Peeeto Undies, where the tank with them can have infinite nukes but has a slow reload time) and you could thusly make a great game for bumper tanks. You can four items total that enable you to damage tanks by bumping them, and the other guy has to kill you to get it, BUT if you disconnect or kill yourself, the item could be enabled to respawn somewhere (this is a custom game, so can choose). Then you can have new meshes or lighting affects for the person, you could have items that give you one hit kills with a slow reload time for every weapon. THUSLY, we could have heat seeking power ups that add an amount of code to whatever projectiles you have or any of the projectiles you get for a limited time. THEN you could specify whether the code overrides any other seeking code and so forth. IN THE END, you can have anything from, just like a said, Capture the Peeeeto Undies to The cookie dough tubs or bumper spike belts. , wouldn't that be great?

8. It needs to have a Fonics proegrammm for peeeple that cant spel veree wel.

I forgot what came after 8. Why not have a little limit to how far you can fly across the map so that if you get hit by a land leveler you can self destruct without losing frags... this is VERY questionable on regular games, but when you play on JL's server it can really help A LOT!!!!!!!

six (can't remember what symbol means 6 on the number pad, but i think you know what number i meant there anyway). We need a panic button for when we're playing the game and say someone (like my parents, Noper's Boss,wives, etc.) comes in expecting something else you'd be doing, then you can make it change into another program or just disappear until you hit a hot key of some type.

Okay, those are my last tidbits, LDA, read and think, please do. I ask again, anyone else got any suggestions?

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posted September 12, 2000 07:16 PM            
It've been sitting inside of my head for quiet a while... How about making a thingie that will eject the player from the tank (like in BattleZone 2) upon destruction and let the player to snipe out other/opponent tank (again, like in BattleZone 2) and enter the sniped tank; this can be, like, "the very last chance" for the player... Or an option to exit your own tank and hide behind a hill/tree/structure, while using your tank as a trap for the other player, and then snipe the other player from the cover. This will however totaly screw up the story line, since the tanks operate without driver's (tanks are alive by themselves) help.

There should be also Graphics Details in "options" menu - user should be able to remove/add sertain feature like explosions, smoke, water reflections, sky textures, ground and tank textures, etc.

And there SHOULD be an option to play randomly generated maps.

There should be, like, score bonuses or something... for example if you kill 2 or more tanks with one shot - you get some secret weapon (or you recieve an extra frag OR you'll gain some "experience" points taht will, for example, increase the damage of your main gun), or for example if you do some kind of crazy jump/stunt with your tank (like in Carmageddon series) - you get some bonus points (or something similar)...

P.S. in general, the game is REALY GREAT... the only thing i can't understand why isn't it as big as Quake I/II is. Is it because the game ain't sold in stores?


posted September 12, 2000 08:42 PM            
MW : In regards to the sales question : I suspect so. Now that it's being published maybe it'll do better...

Other than that, I don't really like your ideas except the random maps one - especially if we had the parameters - perlin maps anyone?


posted September 13, 2000 08:15 PM            
perlin maps?


posted September 13, 2000 08:57 PM            
Easy explanation - run Particle Toy. Turn perlin noise on/off. See difference.