Author Topic:   Uh oh
posted September 05, 2000 05:21 PM            
Well, goodbye world. I mean, lemme ask all of you, what does it mean when you add the following: Dudymas, Papazon chair (like a giant bowl only with cushions on the inside), a FLANEL (yep, that's right, FLANEL) large bean bag, some KOSS R100 headphones, plenty of cookie dough in a plastic bucket, 5 O'Clock P.M., The day BEFORE school starts, You've not played TM in 3 days because of a trip and school shopping, your mom is working around the house and everyone else is gone, the dog is outside being beaten up and gutted by the cat , PLENTY of Five Iron Frenzy (trust me, two cd's and some downloaded music is enough), and your cpu is nice and warmed up with a all TOO quiet 3d Annihilator Pro vid card? I say, well, um, i guess i couldn't say, i YELL WHOOOOOOOOOPEEEEE in a semi relaxed form :P. LDA (and Five Iron Frenzy), it's ALL your fault if i fail school and my mom has to use a crow-bar to get me out of the computer room (i don't think turing off the power will help me get out of a papazon chair with a flanel bean bag, mwahahahahahahahah).

.I'm Not Klutzy!!!!!!!!!.
......I'm Very Over.....