Author Topic:   Tread Marks seems to be not done.
posted August 03, 2000 02:20 AM            
Well as i play many games I notice that TM has no lighting effects, this is a VERY important, think we could have shadows and night levers and gun flashes.... man the detail would sky rocket!
It would be wonderful.

I wish to make commands to use in ENTs like well negative kick, add/subtract speeds/velocity and that would allow people to add onto the game engine its self in a simple and easy way

And as a last RECOIL!
Recoil add so much into the game, allows for a more combat feeling into the game just thing of great games like Counter-Strike with out recoil it would be pretty mindless death matching like Q3

I`M BEGGING for a Level and a LUV maker these critical parts are needed for mod, once i get the Luvs i can complete my mod.

Those are only a few of my concerns and hopes for tread marks.



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you forget we neednegative kick and we also need to be able to select the the levels we DON'T want on our servers, that way you don't have type out the whole list of 50 or so levels just to leave out one that may not be compatible with your mods, EXAMPLES?

Well, i know that practically everyone that goes to JL's Servers gets this jitteriness that is unexplained, well, i must admit, it is a SMALL sacrifice for what we did tonight and this morning, after some serious moding, we added several new forms of dirtballs, i alwasy wanted something more than just the small dirtball launcher, LOL, i GOT SOME. we were filling levels in less than 15 minutes with all the dirt we were tossing around, we put these new shots into the xplosive dirt that DvsDuke made and we got a max spew count of 25 up, and viola, flatland in minutes, LOL, the terrible thing is that we tried the moon, let's face it, when you go flying at about 1300kmph up in the air, you don't land for a while unless a skilled T-72 sniper (JL/Me) can hit you with a mass round, of course, you do hit the mounds that the dirtballs make, but then you just go flying STRAIGHT UP for an hour, LOL, if anyone wants to join us any time just find the flying tanks and cookie dough server, LOL. But be prepared to lose sanity, that means withstanding the lag to see your speedometer go to about 1000+ kmph and --===>>>ANNIHILATE<<<===-- enemy tanks. weeeeeeeeee, talk about making earth bigger than jupiter in a day, here you go!!!

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Well, on the other hand, you could also just hope LDA posts a list of all levels and a second list of the levels and what they look like and then we can just copy and paste...

Well, on other thing, LDA: You need to have an in-game method of checking map name...as is you have to go refresh the server in order to see what level you're playing on!

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