Author Topic:   Support for Windows 2000?
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posted May 12, 2000 11:21 PM            
OK. I made the jump to Windows 2000 which resolved a ton of conflicts I was having with Win98 with my new motherboard and processor.

Well now, can't play the game at all. I'm using a Diamond Stealth III 540 video card which has 32 mb of ram on it.

any suggestions or updates that you guys know of that may help out? It sucks becuase I now have a processor to push this kick ass game and can't!



posted May 12, 2000 11:39 PM            
I suspect the problem is bad video card drivers... Diamond/S3 is known for not being the best at delivering new drivers...


posted May 13, 2000 10:22 AM         

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posted May 14, 2000 01:33 AM            
One: i have the exact same video card as you.

Two: i have had more trouble believing it's legal that Kaeto isn't on deathrow for not purchasing TM full version when he should have bought it than with Win 98 conficts (of course... who doesn't, eh?).

Three: i need to go to bed but i won't.

Four: there is no number five.

Six: i don't think i shouldn't waste so many bytes of information so i'll type more

Eight minus one: Did you install da open gl drivers and if so, make sure you didn't miss something. I have screwed up a lot since i forgot that when Windows was deleted and reinstalled once it deleted all the gl drivers.

nine: I still think kaeto is evil with a lower case 'e'.


posted May 14, 2000 01:36 AM            
Ooooooops, forgive me. I don't have the EXACT same video card (even though it is a stealth 3 S540) as yours because all perfection is lost here unless someone we all know fixes it. Probably mine has more faults in its ciurcutry(please, don't remind me of my bad spelling which is also a caused of imperfection in the world) and a different number of molecules making up its mass. You see, most say it was when Adam and Eve sinned that the world lost its perfection but it's really when Kaeto didn't buy a cd of TM full version while he was in spirit form in heaven. Bwahahhahahah. Yup, this is an excuse to torment Kaeto even further. SOOOOOOOOOOOO, the next time your sister or brother uses the last roll of toilet paper and you have no extra pair of undies since the others need to be washed just after eating prune juice... just think of Kaeto and you'll know why it all happened. Don't forget that telemarketing was probably also inspired by a follower of Kaetoism. I bet kaeto's last name is marx and he calls his group of friends the third reich.

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