Author Topic:   User Made Map Editor??
posted April 26, 2000 06:22 PM            
I read somewhere on the board about a beta map editor that a user had made. I've ordered the full version of the game and am looking forward to playing with modding it out.

I also would like to know how to turn off the twist rudder ingame so that when I yank and bank, the turret is not going along with it. I prefer to control the turret from my hat switch.

After playing the demo all day Sunday, I had to get it.


Random Chaos (TC)
posted April 27, 2000 08:43 AM            
The user made map editor has not been released by the user yet. As for Joystick controls - don't use a joystick so I don't know what options LDA included.

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posted April 27, 2000 09:06 AM            
Joysticks are problematic in Tread Marks as a rule. I've seen many posts complaining about them. The most common being the "rotating turret" syndrome.

If you have a SideWinder, I'd try to configure it to not send axis info for handle pivot. I have a SideWinder Dual Strike, and it is totally configurable. I disabled joystick in TM and then configured my Dual Strike to send the keystroke equivalents (i.e., left arrow for joystick left, etc.).

As a last resort, disable joystick and then download RB-Joy. RB-Joy is a utility program that translates joystick movements into keystrokes. I tried to use this product with my Act Labs ForceRS Steering Wheel, but had only limited success.

Direct X 8.0 is supposed to have improved joystick support -- perhaps this will help when it comes out?


posted April 27, 2000 12:08 PM            
Ugh... I can't explain it right now but that' easy enough to fix...