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I have a 1 megabit DSL connection and will be running a TM server for a good portion of the time. I'll be stressing straight up TM play with few mods, and I'd like to whittle down the map rotation to only the best of the best. Right now the list is as such:

DediMap0 = "jimt2.ved"
DediMap1 = "jims4.ved"
DediMap2 = "jim8.ved"
DediMap3 = "jim8a.ved"
DediMap4 = "jim6t.ved"
DediMap5 = "jim7.ved"
DediMap6 = "jim7a.ved"
DediMap7 = "jim7a.ved"
DediMap8 = "jim3l.ved"
DediMap9 = "jim2l.ved"
DediMap10 = "jim1l.ved"
DediMap11 = "dm1.ved"
DediMap12 = "dm10.ved"
DediMap13 = "dm1.ved"
DediMap14 = "dmsteps.ved"
DediMap15 = "dm3.ved"

If anyone would like to let me know which maps you'd like to see the most of, I'll tally up the votes and make sure that the most popular stay on. The only mod I'll be running is a little tweak to the nuke that makes the splash a larger radius, so you have to be pretty careful when unleashing it. I'd also considered totally doing away with the shadow, because it's really no fun, even if you do get it. If anyone feels really strongly that I keep it in there, I'll do so.

All games will be fraglimit 10, timelimit 20, no teams. I also noticed there's a logfile option, but it appears to only be for debugging purposes, not like the Quake3 logfile that allows you to gather game stats. If there is such a thing and stats can be posted, someone please let me know and I'll do it.

Hopefully this will get people playing to play, not to just see how quickly they can turn a map into a lake. LDA obviously spent a lot of time balancing the weapons in TM, and too many tweaks can really throw that off, however cool they may be.

If you experience any lag and you think it's a server issue, please let me know at freek@dsl.telocity.com.

see you on

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Random Chaos (TC)
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Yeah, I know what you mean about too many tweaks...if you want a lake thats most of the moded weapons by people other than me

If anyone's interested in running a server, check out: http://treadmarks.3d-unlimited.com/mods/main.shtml

All mods listed there specify whether they are server-side only mods. Don't forget to also take a look at the LiquidTank Addon Package 1 - it is entirely server side for another 8 or so tanks.

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my $0.02:

i like balanced weapons too for the same reasons...

i also like team play (IMHO too many tanks all enemies makes confusing unorganized play), with team damage on: that may make players think a little more before they fire, and let's face it, a nuke blast is a nuke blast, no mater what color your flag is!


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Yeah I love team play too but there is a huge problem with it in Tread Marks... fraglimit is not per team, it's per player, even when teamplay is on. So if the fraglimit is 10 and my team has 4 guys with 4 kills each and the other team has one guy with 10, he wins!

This is one of the main reasons why LDA should consider releasing the game code ASAP. READ: Not the rendering/engine code! Do it just like q3! Unfortunately it doesnt look like the game is split up that way.

I loved TM when I got it but immediately realized that there are some pretty huge problems with the scoring and game type logic. If LDA released the game code with a new version of TM, crippled the demo more so people can only play AI's or something (because the graphics, physics, and overall game design are what sell the game IMHO), and let people get cracking on improving the game types, I see TM really taking off and a community taking root of the likes of Q3 and UT. This is what TM needs to be successful right now and I'm sure LDA knows this.

How cool would a CTF game be? Steal the bacon (a la myth)? The game has endless potential and everyone I know that plays it agrees.



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Go post on RC's board! There's a whole section of "TM requests"